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Of all the dangers at sea, one of the most frightening is fire, difficult to deal with and devastating is its effects. The international regulations governing safety at sea get tougher every year and shipowners and operators are becoming more aware of the need for compliance to established standards for safety equipment and systems.

Today, large proportion of expenditure is on safety of life at sea, thus, it is imperative that measures be taken to ensure that Firefighting equipment is maintained and cared for by the dedicated team workers in order to ensure maximum protection and safety. Amar Marine Enterprises undertakes complete service, maintenance and re-certification of fixed and portable systems as per SOLAS/IMO regulations. We carry out periodic inspections, follow OEM maintenance plans and certify firefighting equipment for use. Our technicians/service engineers are trained and available on call to attend service requests on site. Our service facilities are equipped and approved by classification societies.

Amar marine enterprises is capable of carrying out services for following firefighting appliances:

  • Portable/semi-portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Portable Foam applicators
  • Breathing Apparatus
    • SCBA
    • EEBD
    • BA Compressor air quality test
    • Medical oxygen cylinder and resuscitators
  • Fixed firefighting systems
    • Fixed CO2 System
    • Fixed Foam System
    • Fixed DCP System
    • Water mist, water spray and sprinkler system
    • Fixed fire/smoke detection and alarm system
  • Galley wet chemical and galley CO2 system
  • Fireman’s Outfit locker
  • Foam sample analysis


Ships and other watercraft carry life saving appliances including lifeboats, lifebuoys, life-jackets, life raft and many others. Passengers and crew are informed of their availability in case of emergency. Life-saving appliances are mandatory as per chapter 3 of the SOLAS Convention.

Amar marine enterprises now conduct periodic inspection and service of Life Saving Appliances like Immersion Suits, Lifejackets, Life-rafts etc. Hence our Customers can now demand and expect international service standards at their doorstep. At Amar marine enterprises, our LSA services strictly adhere to IMO and CLASS regulations. We only use Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) spares when servicing Life Saving Appliances at our workstation or on board a vessel. Our engineers are trained and certified by the OEM.

Amar marine enterprises has a detailed procedure for LSA servicing to maintain highest quality standards. The servicing includes cleaning, inside and outside inspections, repair work and replacements of equipment (if needed).

Amar marine enterprises is capable of carrying out services for following lifesaving appliances:

  • Lifebuoys
  • Life Jackets
  • Immersion suits, anti-exposure suits and thermal protective aids
  • Lifeboats & launching appliances
  • Life-rafts
  • Rescue boats
  • Rocket parachute flares
  • Hand flares
  • Buoyant smoke signals
  • Launching and embarkation appliances
  • Line-throwing appliances